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Fan Liu(劉凡) was born in 1986, who is from Shen Yang City.
From Sep. 2004 to Nov. 2005, I was a student at the Shen Yang Normal University, where I majored in Art Science
(藝術類 .
On March 2005, at school, ,
(新年藝術節) Champion of Gu Zheng (Zither) Performance (古箏組冠軍)
On September 2005,
(青春嘉年華)in Shen Yang Normal University, Champion of Miss Accomplished (完善小姐)
On Dec. 31, 2005, , Miss MACRO.
From Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2007, I was studying in Harold Washington College.
On April 26, 2007, I got the certificate of Achievement, Third Place in the Mathematics Content in HWC.
From Jan. 2008 to now, I am a student at UIC, where majored Business Accounting.
From Sep. 2008 to now, I am a part-time Chinese teacher in Chinakids.








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