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Chicago Chinese Community Greeting Beijing 2008 Athletic Meet


Badminton Tournament  羽毛球

        Date:      May 31, 2008 

        Place:     UIC, Student Recreation Facility,

                   737 S. Halstead St., Chicago, IL 60607




      Prize:     Trophies of Gold, Silver and Bronze for each entry

        Format:    Round robin matches within each group then play offs.

        Due date:  May 17, 2008

        Admission: 2 entries maximum per player

    Each Entry - $5.00 each for student;

  $10.00 each for Adult and Senior

  if registered before the due date,

  After admission due date:

  - late fee $5.00 per entry applied

  - entry will only be accepted if space is available

Regulation: This tournament is intended for the Chinese and Asian players. Non-Asian players are welcome but are limited to 20% for each entry according to the first-come-first-serve basis.

Remarks:  Non-UIC students or alumni need to pay $6 entrance fee at gym door.

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